About CoinQuest

Our single focus: your coin's value.

Appraisal Service. There are many excellent web sites for coin collecting on the Internet, but CoinQuest is not about coin collecting, it is about coin appraisal. Here you find the needed tools to understand the value of your rare and valuable coins, even if you are not a coin collector. The subject is quite complicated, and there are many scam artists in the world of coin dealers. Honest coin dealers pay honest prices for coins they buy from the general public, but the scam artists steal coins from unsuspecting sellers and overcharge inexperienced buyers. Your best bet for finding honest dealers is to know what your coins are worth before you meet with any dealer. Use CoinQuest for this purpose.

CoinQuest is not a coin catalog or price guide. Instead, CoinQuest seeks to:

  1. Provide coin identification from textual descriptions and photographs
  2. Give very approximate, ballpark estimates of coin value
  3. Educate visitors about the joys and pitfalls of coin collecting
  4. Encourage non-collectors to become collectors
  5. Prevent heirs from being ripped off by selling inherited coins to shysters
  6. Lower expections of heirs by providing realistic values for their inherited coins
  7. Prepare coin buyers and sellers for the shock of dealer margins
  8. Educate coin owners about counterfeits, damage, wear, and eye appeal
  9. Attempt to prevent people from cleaning their coins
  10. Lighten the load on dealers by intercepting inquiries about low-value coins
  11. Provide opportunities for dealers who are willing to buy over the Internet

CoinQuest is very superficial. By our own analysis, a good coin catalog easily contains 1000 times as much information as the entire CoinQuest web site. Further, there are plenty of great collector sites on the Internet and we want them to be CoinQuest allies, not competitors. Therefore we:

  1. Do not use detailed numismatic grading such as Very Fine, VF, G-4, or MS63
  2. Use only worn, average circulated, well preserved, fully uncirculated
  3. Supply superficial, overall estimates for an entire series of coins
  4. Call out key coins only if their values exceed the overall series by a factor of 3 or more
  5. Exclude evaluations for proofs
  6. Exclude evaluations for minting varieties (except the big ones)
  7. Exclude evaluations for most modern coins (post 1948)
  8. Exclude evaluations for entire collections -- single coins only
  9. Exclude detailed attributions like KM, RIC, or Breen numbers

Privacy Policy. We intentionally do not collect personal information from visitors to CoinQuest. We obtain e-mail addresses and other information only if you initiate a conversation with CoinQuest via our Contact CoinQuest link. Our site uses third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our website. These companies often use computer-based information (e.g., cookies) about your visits to provide advertisements about goods and services that may be of interest to you.

Paul Richards is our chief numismatist. He ran a successful coin dealership between 1996 and 2004 exclusively on the Internet, and part of his job was answering What is my coin worth? inquiries using his Stat-Matics web site, upon which CoinQuest is built. Paul has over 50 years experience in numismatics, and has examined thousands of coins over the years. He has written several significant articles published in Coin World and by Krause Publications. Now retired, Paul enjoys talking about coins and will gladly give you his educated opinion about the value of your coins. Paul is assisted by four capable CoinQuest Associates: Chris, Andrei, Todd, and Joshua.

Advertising Policy. CoinQuest uses advertising revenue to meet expenses, which include site hosting, advertising, and payroll for CoinQuest associates. Some coins require essentially no research, but others require hours of research time for proper identification and evaluation. The site uses syndicated advertisements (e.g., Google, for most ads, but also supports private advertisers. Additional syndications are always considered. Write for information about charges and expected traffic. Ad formats are 728x90 leaderboards, 130x600 skyscrapers, and 300x250 rectangles. Ads are rotated at random throughout the site, with ATF ads (above the fold; no scrolling required) rotated separately from other ads. Use the Contact CoinQuest button at the top of the home page to inquire about advertising opportunities. is a service of Stat-Matics, Inc., a Florida corporation. We are diligent to obtain rights for any privately owned coin images we use, and we re-format all images to fit our aspect ratio. None of our written material on this site is copyrighted. Image copyrights belong to their owners, as specified on their individual pages. Proper attribution and a link to the CoinQuest main page will be appreciated for any written material used.


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