Coins by Genre

There are 10 coin genres, plus tokens, medals,
errors and die varieties, 14 genres in all.
Press the group image for coins with similar look and feel.

United States
including coins of early British colonies

Central Europe North South
Germany, Italy, Austria, Sweden, more

Colonizers and Colonies
Spain, Britain, Portugal, etc. and colonies

Islamic Hindu Buddhist
India, Iraq, Turkey, Nepal, Egypt, more

The Sinosphere
China, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, more

Orthodox and Slavic
Russia, Greece, Finland, Bulgaria, more

Core African
Ethiopia, Liberia, Congo, Gabon and Burundi

Greek, Roman, and early empires

Dark Ages, Crusades, Byzantine, more

countries producing coins only since 1948

Die Varieties
Doubled dies, repunched mint marks, etc.

Broadstrikes, brockages, off center, etc.

for commerce, keepsakes, and souvenirs

Awards, war medals, medallions, etc.

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