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Important Terminology for Evaluating Coins Important Terminology for Evaluating Coins This, by far, is the most important page on the CoinQuest web site. Terms such as 'catalog value,' 'condition,', 'errors,' and 'damage' are discussed with emphasis on how they affect coin values.

How to Sell Your Coins How to Sell Your Coins There are three ways to sell your coins: sell them yourself directly to collectors, consign them to auctions (including eBay), or sell them to a coin dealer on the Internet or in a local coin shop. Read this page for more details.

How to Invest in Gold and Silver How to Invest in Gold and Silver Watch out for scams and shysters when investing in precious metal. This article summarizes the benefits and pitfalls of bullion investing.

The Look and Feel of Coins from Around the World The Look and Feel of Coins from Around the World Coins come in several different genres. Each genre ties back to ancient, medieval, or recent civilizations, empires, and nations. Learn how to identify coins by their look and feel and explore the various areas of coin collecting. It is a fascinating study.

CoinQuest Preferred Dealers CoinQuest Preferred Dealers Are you looking for nice collectible coins? Perhaps you have a coin or collection to sell. This is our preferred coin dealer list. These dealers: (1) carry coins that look like those you see on CoinQuest, (2) buy and sell at fair prices, and (3) support CoinQuest by releasing their image copyrights to us. Thanks!


United States Coins United States Coins US coins are listed from most valuable to least valuable, with approximate values for each type. Until recently, US coins were the most sought-after coins in numismatics (coin collecting). This status is changing as the Internet introduces more and more people worldwide to the joys, and pitfalls, of collecting.

German Coins German Coins Approximate values of German coins, ordered from most to least valuable. Germany has been the most prolific coin producer in the world. Many of her coins carry high value.

British Coins British Coins Coins from Great Britain date back to medieval times. Review general values for the different types, and learn how to indentify them from specific characteristics.

Spanish Colonial Coins Spanish Colonial Coins Spain colonized much of the New World. Minting gold and silver coins was one of the biggest industries in the colonies. Learn characteristics and values of these fascinating collectibles.

Modern Coins after 1948 Modern Coins after 1948 Usually it is a coin's age that makes it valuable. But some modern coins, dated after 1948, carry high prices as well. Find out what makes modern coins valuable.

About CoinQuest About CoinQuest Background and overview of this web site.


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