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    Latin letters Western countries
Western countries

    Chinese-style logograms Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.
Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.

    Non-Latin letters with a flowing style Arabic, Urdu, Sanskrit, etc.
Arabic, Urdu, Sanskrit, etc.

    Non-Latin letters with a block style Russian, Greek, Hebrew, etc.
Russian, Greek, Hebrew, etc.

    None No letters appear on either side
No letters appear on either side
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    Copper, bronze, aged brass
Copper, bronze, aged brass

    Silver, nickel, aluminum, steel, billon
Silver, nickel, aluminum, steel, billon

    Gold, bright brass, golden color
Gold, bright brass, golden color

    Iron, pewter, zinc, base metal
Iron, pewter, zinc, base metal

    Other: painted, colored, plastic, wood, etc.
Other: painted, colored, plastic, wood, etc.
Physical Appearance (Select only if it is not a 'normal' coin)
    Square or rectangular shape
    Hexagon ~ Octagon ~ N-sides
    Unusual or irregular shape
    Round hole at center
    Square hole at center
    Painted ~ Colored
    Punched ~ Counterstamped
    Packaged set of coins
    Bi-metallic (two or more metals)
    Inlay, inset, nugget
Genre (Optional. As described on this page [PRESS HERE].)
    United States - including coins of early British colonies
    Central Europe North South - Germany, Italy, Austria, Sweden, more
    Colonizers and Colonies - Spain, Britain, Portugal, etc. and colonies
    Islamic Hindu Buddhist - India, Iraq, Turkey, Nepal, Egypt, more
    The Sinosphere - China, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, more
    Orthodox and Slavic - Russia, Greece, Finland, Bulgaria, more
    Core African - Ethiopia, Liberia, Congo, Gabon and Burundi
    Ancient - Greek, Roman, and early empires
    Medieval - Dark Ages, Crusades, Byzantine, more
    Modern-only - countries producing coins only since 1948
    Die Varieties - Doubled dies, repunched mint marks, etc.
    Errors - Broadstrikes, brockages, off center, etc.
    Tokens - for commerce, keepsakes, and souvenirs
    Medals - Awards, war medals, medallions, etc.
Timeline (Optional. If you are not sure of the date or year, guess an overall timeline.)
    Modern: 1948 to date
Modern 1948 to date

    World: 1600 to 1947
World 1600 to 1947

    Early/Medieval: 476AD to 1600
Early/Medieval 476AD to 1600

    Ancient: Up to 476AD
Ancient Up to 476AD
Variations (Select only if you are looking for these specific ones)
    Die variety
    Minting error
    Fakes are possible
    Mounted in jewelry

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