Germany Saxony 10 and 20 Marks  1874 to 1903
Germany Saxony 10 and 20 Marks 1874 to 1903

Nice coin, Becky!

Your 20 mark gold coin from the German State of Saxony is a gorgeous coin, and it has a low mintage, too. This makes it extra valuable over and above the basic gold bullion price. The 10 mark coin looks the same as the 20 mark, only smaller. Both are great collectibles. CoinQuest thanks NumisWorld for letting us use their picture of this rare coin.

Here are some statistics and how to use them:

19 mm diameter
0.115 troy ounces gold
Approximate collector premium circulated: $50
Approximate collector premium uncirculated: $350
Collector premium for coins dated 1874: $500

22 mm diameter
0.230 troy ounces gold
Approximate collector premium circulated: $100
Approximate collector premium uncirculated: $400
Collector premium for coins dated 1877 or 1878: $10,000

You can use these statistics to estimate value of your coin. First, find the base value of the gold content by mulitplying the gold weight by the price of gold. Use a web site such as to find the price of gold. For instance, if gold is selling for $1400 US dollars per ounce, the base price of the 10 mark is $170 and of the 20 mark is $340. Second, add the collector premium to find an approximate retail price. The premium is much lower for a worn or unappealing coin, and a little higher for a spectacular specimen.

The numismatists at NumisWorld are selling this piece for $470 US dollars, and that is an excellent retail price for such a coin. If they were buying it (or if any other dealer were buying it from you, for instance) they would probably pay $100 to $200 less than the retail price, approximately, depending on their customer base and the ease or difficulty they might experience selling the coin to a new buyer.


You indicate that your coin is in superb nusmismatic condition. NumisWorld's coin is in great shape and looks to be almost uncirculated. If, by chance, your coin is in better shape that the one pictured, figure on an even better value that the numbers quoted above.

Coin: 1014 , Genre: Central Europe North South
Requested by: Becky, Sat, 15-Aug-2009 06:17:54 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Thu, 09-May-2013 15:30:25 GMT
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Requester description: 1895 The coin is made of gold. On the head side is king albert from Germany. It has his head and the mint mark under his neck. The inscription reads 'ALBERT KOENIG VON SACHSEN' There is a small border of dots around the outside. The tails side shows the German imperial eagle. The inscription says 'DEUTSCHES REICH 1895* 20 MARK*'
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