Saudi Arabia Trade Guinea  1950 to 1957
Saudi Arabia Trade Guinea 1950 to 1957

We received this picture from Harold, who has a number of these coins given to him by an uncle who got them in Saudi Arabia. These beautiful coins are Saudi Arabian trade guineas, minted in the 1950s. They contain 0.2354 troy ounces of gold and their worth is calculated based on their gold content.

Using $900 US dollars per ounce of gold, 0.2354 x $900 = $212.

The current 'spot' price of gold can be found at It changes every day.

The value of these coins will be the sum of the gold value plus a small collector premium. Therefore, to get a ballpark value, start with the gold value you calculate (above) and add:

$10 for a circulated coin
$50 for an uncirculated coin

Coin: 1022 , Genre: Islamic Hindu Buddhist
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