Great Britain Florin  1893 to 1901
Great Britain Florin 1893 to 1901

Neat coin, Jacob. I like the one in our picture. Even though it is worn, the toning acquired over the years has caused the design to stand out. Pretty!

These old florins (two shillings) are made of 92.5 percent silver. That is the same composition as Sterling silver. There are 0.336 troy ounces of silver in this coin, which sets the lower limit of its value. Take the current value of silver (available at web sites such as and multiply by 0.336 to get the Base Value (BV) of your coin. Currently this value is 0.336 oz * $18.40/oz = $6.18 US dollars.

Over and above the silver value, these coins gain value from collector demand. Here are some typical catalog values:

worn: BV + $5 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: BV + $20
well preserved: $80
fully uncirculated: $175
florins dated 1894 are less common and catalog at $275 when fully uncirculated

Apply the concepts found on our Terminology page to adjust these catalog values downward to obtain actual buy and sell values.

Coin: 10284 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 1898 Front has 3 shields in the middle, one with three lions running, one lion sitting and a harp. There is a crown with a rose beneath it. Around the outside it reads Two Shillings 1898 One Florin. On back there is a picture of a womans face and written around the outside is Victoria DeI Gra Britt Regina Fid Def Ind IMP
Tags: great britain florin uk brit brittan brittain england britian britt english britan british brittish 3 shields shield one three lions lion running runner sitting seat harp crown rose two shillings shilling womans woman victoria dei god gra regina kingdom fid def ind india imp arms sheild coats shiled crests chevrons shild escucheon insignia arm coat crested crest chevron creast escutcheon ones tiger cougar tigers runs run stool sit sitted sits seated crowned tiara crowns tiarra crowning tiera rosettes rossette roses rosette scilling schillings femal women lady female feminine fem females womens ladys princess ladies victoriad viktoria victotia vicoria victoriya victor gods goddess deus deum diety deity godess devm deo dom divine dios reginam regal regini reginaf kingdoms honi pense


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