Italy Sardinia 100 Lire (Fakes are possible)  1832 to 1845
Italy Sardinia 100 Lire (Fakes are possible) 1832 to 1845

These are amazing coins. Large, gold, pleasing patterns, and dates back well over 150 years make them appealing collectibles. As with all valuable coins, CoinQuest is obligated to issue several warnings:

1. Counterfeits abound. Be sure you have a genuine coin.
2. Do not use these coins as an investment unless you are a seasoned coin collector with 10 or more years coin buying and selling experience.

These coins contain almost (0.933) one troy ounce of pure gold. As such, they cannot be worth less than the current value of gold. According to, the current value is $1710 US dollars per troy ounce. It will be different tomorrow. Check often.

Sardinia 100 lire coins are worth 0.933 troy ounces of gold in any condition. If they are well preserved, a collector premium is added to the basic gold value. Here are some typical collector premiums:

heavily worn or damaged: add $0
average circulated: add $100
well preserved: add $300
fully uncirculated: add $1500

If you have a coin that is truly uncirculated, or nearly so, take it to a coin dealer or knowledgeable collector. As him or her to determine the mint mark, which is an anchor or eagle's head. Generally, the anchor carries slightly better collector premiums.

CoinQuest thanks Goldberg Auctions for use of their coin image.

Coin: 10334 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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