Liberia Cent and Half Cent  1937 to 1941
Liberia Cent and Half Cent 1937 to 1941

Some people do not give us very much to go on when they describe a coin. 'It's round and says In God We Trust.' That is not enough information. With Samantha, we get -tons- of information. Thanks!

The modern country of Liberia, Africa's first republic, was settled in 1822 by the American Colonization Society as a homeland for American freed slaves. The US government furnished funds for procurement of the land from native chiefs.

Samantha's half cent is a modern coin and is quite common. Circulated examples are worth a few cents, and collectors might pay a US dollar or two to add an uncirculated specimen to their collections.

One cent Liberian coins with the same dates and pattern are more rare. They are worth about $1 circulated, and up to $10 uncirculated. The 1941 dated cent is more valuable than other dates. It catalogs at $40 in fully uncirculated condition.

Coin: 10354 , Genre: Core African
Requested by: Samantha, Sat, 11-Feb-2012 21:07:12 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Fri, 25-Oct-2013 02:43:11 GMT
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Requester description: 1941 Well to start the coin is about a dime size. Round. Smooth edges. Around very edge of the coin has s textured line thst goes all the way around it. On the front it has inscripted just below the textured line... * REPUBLIC OF LIBERIA. Then under that there is a textured line going in a complete circle around the coin. Then in the middle is a picture. The picture is of a elephant. It's head is facing towards the left side of the coin. It's trunk is facing up and it looks as if it's in motion due to the left front leg of the elephant is bent and positioned different from the rest. There is I believe grass in front of the elephant just under its head. Along with more grass by its back feet just under them. Now on the back it has the same textured line on the very outside then under that it reads: * ONE HALF CENT * 1941 then there is another textured line going around the coin under the inscription. Then in the very middle of the coin there is a palm tree on a little island and in the background there is I believe is the ocean with the sun setting to the left and on the right a sail boat with a bird above it.
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