France 10 Francs  1988 to 2000
France 10 Francs 1988 to 2000

Sounds like you have a 10 franc coin from France. It is so modern, it is worth face value. To convert from one currency to another, use You will have to work at the conversion a little, because the predominant curreny in France is now the euro.

A collector might pay a few US dollars over face for a coin that is perfectly uncirculated and in superb condition.

The 1995 and 1996 dates were only minted in small amounts. Because of this, they have a small collector value - it's all about supply and demand.
For fully uncirculated 10 francs dated 1995 or 1996, figure a catalog value of about $10.

Doing an eBay search for completed listings of these coins and only looking at the green prices (that is, the items that were successfully sold), we can see final sale prices ranging from $15 all the way up to $40 for perfectly uncirculated coins! I hope that the speculators buying these coins looking for their value to increase in the future know what they are doing - otherwise, they will have paid exorbitant prices for modern coins minted in base metal.

Coin: 1044 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 1989 front side[naked man with wings and a star over his head holding a torch, standing in between large capitol letters R and F back side [has a large 10 standing next a small capitol F, surrounded by words LIBERTE, EGALITE, FRATERNITE]
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