US Trade Dollar (Fakes are possible)  1873 to 1885
US Trade Dollar (Fakes are possible) 1873 to 1885

Nice coin, sir or madam. You have a United States trade dollar which were issued between 1873 and 1885 for use overseas. These coins carry no mint mark, S mint marks, and CC mint marks, and the CC mint marks are the most valuable (like yours!) There are also plenty of counterfeit trade dollars (see below) -- fakes are worth zero.

In average circulated condition, with scratches and stains as you describe, figure a catalog value of $50 to $200 US dollars, depending on the severity of the scratch and stain damage. You see damaged traded dollars a lot; the un-damaged ones are much more valuable. Be sure you understand what 'catalog' means. It is a weasel word, as explained on the Terminology page.

Damage-free, common date trade dollars with no mint mark or an S mint mark, generally catalog as follows. These values are taken from the Grey Sheet, a conservative price guide for US coins.

worn: $90
average circulated: $130
well preserved: $250
fully uncirculated: $2000
trade dollars with a CC mint mark are worth about three times these values

worn: $500
average circulated: $800
well preserved: $1000
fully uncirculated: $2000

These are approximate catalog values. Be sure you understand how to interpret them by looking at our Terminology page.

The main give-away on the fake trade dollar above is the ill-formed lettering on the reverse. Not all fakes are as easily detected.

Coin: 1048 , Genre: United States
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Requester description: 1874 Has a seated liberty on the front and the american eagle on the back. Below the seated liberty the date 1874. Below the eagle it has an inscription of 420 grains .900 fine and right below that 'Trade Dollar'
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