Barbados 10 Dollars Silver  1973 to 1981
Barbados 10 Dollars Silver 1973 to 1981

From 1973 to 1981 Barbados minted large 10 dollar coins in both copper-nickel and sterling silver. The silver coins are all proof coins (with mirror-like surfaces) except the 1973 which is a regular, non-proof coin. To be worth more than face value, a Barbados 10 dollar must be made of silver. If the coin is encased and uncirculated, it is usually easy to tell a silver coin. If not, a weight of 37.9 grams indicates a silver coin.

Except for 1973 and 1981, which have very low mintages, these coins are worth their weight in silver. Use to look up the current value of silver, then multiply that number by 1.13, which is the number of ounces of silver in the Barbados coin.

At this writing the price of silver is $34 US dollars per troy ounce, so a Barbados $10 is worth 34 x 1.13 = $38. Tomorrow the price of silver will change, so the value of the Barbados $10 will change also.

Coins dated 1973 and 1981 are worth a few dollars more than silver value.

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