Medal: Israel Levi Eshkol  1967
Medal: Israel Levi Eshkol 1967

A great national victory, this medal honoring Prime Minister Eshkol commemorates the 6 day war of Israel with Egypt, Jordan, and Syria in 1967. The medal was struck in gold, silver and bronze. The silver medal contains 51.1 grams of pure silver, the gold medal contains 30 grams of 0.9166 pure gold. Working out the values in troy ounces (there are 31.1 grams in a troy ounce), the 'melt' value of these medals can be calculated using a web site such as which reports US dollar value per troy ounce.

Silver: 51.1 grams = 1.65 troy ounces
Gold: 30 grams x 0.9166 pure = 0.884 troy ounces

At prices current at the time of this writing, the 'melt' values are:

1.65 ounces x $35.39 per ounce = $58 US dollars
0.884 ounces x $1720 per ounce = $1520

To the value of precious metal, one now adds value due to artistry, authenticity, sentimentality, and (as always with collectibles) rarity and condition. These values are difficult to estimate for modern pieces. With Elm's uncirculated bronze piece, there is no value due to precious metal, so the value comes from the secondary factors alone. My guesses for secondary (added) value, over and above melt value for each of these medals, are:

$20 US dollars, circulated
$35 US dollars, uncirculated

If you are selling one of these items to a dealer, he or she will need a mark-up to keep the dealership solvent. Reasonable mark-ups on bronze and silver pieces would be 50 to 100 percent, less on gold pieces.

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Requester description: Levi Eshkol Medal in commemoration of the 6 day war and israel's 20th anniversary. Bronze 59mm 96.2 gr On front of coin is a raised picture with the words in both hebrew and english 'Levi Eshkol Prime Minister of Israel' and on reverse side a map of israel and the words 'The Six-Day War 5-10 June 1967' with a menorah.
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