Token: US So-Called Dollar Colorado Century of Progress  1933
Token: US So-Called Dollar Colorado Century of Progress 1933

That is pretty neat, Laura. You have tapped into a fascinating area of US coin collecting: So-Called Dollars. These are large silver (sometimes gold, sometimes base metal) tokens about the size of a normal silver dollar that were issued to commemorate a person, place, or event, and sold to the general public as souvenirs. Dates range from the early 1800s to modern times.

The beautiful so-called dollar in our picture comes from respected eBay seller so-calledguy. This so-called dollar is in very nice condition and would sell to a collector in the neighborhood of $100 US dollars, and to a dealer for about one-half that amount. In more worn condition the selling price would go down, and, if the token were damaged by scrapes, cleaning, corrosion and the like, the value would be equal to it precious metal content alone.

The Colorado 'Century of Progress' pattern has an interesting history. Several variants were produced, as you can see on this page of TLC's so-called dollar collection. They were sold in an effort to cover a goof-up by the Colorado legislature in 1933.

The definitive web site for so-called dollars is (what else?) Go there to learn much, much more about this wonderful area of US coin collecting.

CoinQuest thanks so-calledguy for use of the coin image. It is a beauty!

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