Germany 5 Rentenpfennig and 5 Reichspfennig  1923 to 1936
Germany 5 Rentenpfennig and 5 Reichspfennig 1923 to 1936

These coins were minted in aluminum bronze, and the picture shows an uncirculated specimen. Isn't it something?

In fully uncirculated condition a collector would probably pay in excess of $20 US dollars for a common date 5 rentenpfennig. In general, catalog values run like this:

worn: $1 US dollar approximate catalog value
average circulated: $3
well preserved: $10
fully uncirculated: $30

Like most coins in these two series, requester PAJ's 1924A is a common date and mint mark. The valuable dates and mint marks are:

1923A: $4 US dollars approximate catalog value
1923D: $4
1923F: $70
1923G: $25
1925F: too rare to estimate value

1925F: $16 (Must have a large F mintmark, not a small (but still capital) F)
1925J: $4
1926E: $30
1926F: $16

These are catalog values for average circulated coins. Use our Important Terminology link to convert from catalog value to actual value.

The catalog says there is one known example of a 1925F 5 rentenpfennig. If you've got it, congratulations! There are 20 million 1925F reichspfennigs.

Coin: 1104 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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I could not find the 10 rentenpfennig among the coins shown. It looks like the 1924 Deutches Reich rentenpfennig 5 pfennig coin, but it is a 10 pfennig coin. Instead of an A at the top of the wheat side, it looks like a 7 with the long side of the 7 being curved. - Jean
Hi Jean -- Our page on 10 pfennigs like this is found at this link [Press Here]. The A mint mark you mention is normal. Figuring the value of these coins is not particularly easy, because there are lots of twists and turns. If you have a bunch of coins to evaluate, a standard coin catalog lists each coins by date, mint mark, and condition. You can get catalogs at most libraries. - CoinQuest (Paul)

Do you know anything about a 1924f? If u do please tell me. - Logan
5 pfennig 1924(A to J) Germany are all common years. So the price for a coin in average circulated condition is around 1 to 2 US dollars. - CoinQuest (Andrei)

i have a 1925 5 reichspfennig with a big F my friend said this is very rare but can find any thng on this coin if someobe knows pls tel me many thanks - dylan
5 RENTENPFENNIG dated 1925F are extremely rare. You have a 5 REICHSPFENNIG which is a common coin. - CoinQuest (Paul)




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