Argentina 1 and 2 Centavos  1882 to 1896
Argentina 1 and 2 Centavos 1882 to 1896

Pretty coin, Omar. You have a 2 centavos piece (dos centavos) from Argentina and it catalogs around $1 US dollars in worn condition. Here are approximate catalog prices for 1 and 2 centavos coins:

ARGENTINA 1 AND 2 CENTAVOS (most coins, except those explained below):
worn: $1 US dollar approximate catalog value
average circulated: $2
well preserved: $7
fully uncirculated: $25

Be sure you understand what 'catalog value' means. Use our Terminology page to find out for sure.

Some dates of these coins are worth a little more than the typical values quoted above. These dates are shown below, with approximate catalog values for coins in average circulated condition.

1882: $14
1896: $11

1882: $15
1887: $12
1888, 1895 and 1896: $4

Coin: 1129 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
Requested by: Omar Berjawi, Thu, 27-Aug-2009 19:00:22 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Sat, 18-May-2013 18:56:27 GMT
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Requester description: 1889 it has a woman's portrait wich is writen on the same side : LIBERTAD * DOS CENTAVOS. and on the other side written 1889 * REPUBLICA ARGENTINA but i cant figure out the picture.
Tags: argentina 1 2 centavos centavo argintina argentino argentea centavow centanos centaos woman libertad liberty dos republica republic lsdy femal women lady female feminine fem womans females womens ladys princess ladies liberate liberity liberte libertas lybertad libertao liberta liberdad repub repbulique republik repcblique repuika republ republican republicas republicia reipvblicae repubblica reublico republiove republiek repvbliqve republique rupublica repvbblica republika replucique rebublique repvblica replublica republicans republka repvblique repbublic flags flag cap hat colours blanket banner colors banners bannered helmeted hood caps headband hooded helmet bonnet helmit helmets headdress stick branch rod staff spear circle ring oval ellipse sun sunburst stalkes twigs stalks sprig limb twig sprays sprigs branching stalk branches branched sticks rods circled encircle crrcle cirle circlet circles circlr circal citcle encircled circuit ringed circumscibed incircled cirlce circel circumference encircles encircling rings circling cirlces circular cicurling circumscribed oblong elliptic ovals sunrise sola sol sunshine sunset sunlight sols




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