Medal: Great Britain Coronation George II  1726
Medal: Great Britain Coronation George II 1726

The coronation medal in our picture comes from York Coins in Red Hook, NY USA where it sold for $400 US dollars -- a good price for such a beautiful specimen. The medal also comes in copper which would sell, in the same condition, for slightly less than York's silver piece.

The year is 1726 and this is the coronation of King George II. There is a decent collector following for coronation medals worldwide. Most of these medals are very beautiful works of art.

The $400 figure gives a good ballpark number for a retail price of a well preserved medal. As always, worse condition means lower price and better condition means higher price.

A reputable dealer like York would probably buy this medal for about one-half of its retail value. This is a typical markup for all types of collectible coins.

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