Israel 10 Pruta (Prutah)  1949
Israel 10 Pruta (Prutah) 1949

This is a modern coin (1949) from the nation of Israel. The vase or pitcher is called an amphora, or two-handled vase-shaped container common in the ancient Mediterranean world and later the Roman Empire.

These are modern coins and their value is low. As always, uncirculated specimens (or nearly uncirculated) without problems and with good eye appeal carry a premium in value because coin collectors are always looking for nice coins to add to their collections. Typical catalog values are:

worn: less than $1 US dollar
average circulated: $1
well preserved: $3
fully uncirculated: $10

Look closely at your particular coin. If there is a small dot, known as a pearl, on the reverse side as shown, the values go up slightly, by about a factor of two.

Coin: 11440 , Genre: Modern-only
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Requester description: copper coin with vase or pitcher on it. words I don't understand. leaves and berries in a wreath.
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