Poland 3 Groschen (Stefan Batory)  1581 to 1586
Poland 3 Groschen (Stefan Batory) 1581 to 1586

The image of this neat 3 groschen from early Poland (including Hungary and Lithuania) comes from Girts Eisters. Girts says this is a silver 3 grossus (groschen) coin with a crowned bust of Stephan Bathory (Stefan Batory, or Steponas Batoras in Lithuanian), king of Poland between 1576 and 1586. The inscription on the king's side reads STEP for Steponas, D G for 'by the Grace of God,' and REX for king. The ARG TRIP CIVI RIGE indicates the city of Riga (now Latvia), and the imagery of a city gate with a lion's head, crossed keys above, and a cross above is Riga's coat of arms.

As always, catalog values vary with condition and overall appeal of the coin. Girts coin (pictured) is about as appealing as any you will see. Here are some approximate catalog values:

worn: $50 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $100
well preserved: $200

If you have one of these for sale, a dealer would probably pay about half catalog price. That is the kind of margin you need as a coin dealer to keep your business afloat.

Our secondary pictures show modern pieces reminiscent of this old Polish coin. The medal issued with Stefan Batory's image commemorates a Polish ocean vessel named in his honor. The second is a hockey medallion with Riga's arms. Nice!

CoinQuest thanks renowned numismatist Charles Calkins for his help with this coin. If you have not yet visited Charle's web site, it is worth looking at. The coin photos and in-depth info are amazing. [Click Here to visit].

Coin: 1158 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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Requester description: 1585 One side has a king I think on it and inscription: STEP.D.GR.REX.P.D.L Other side has a monastery in te middle, above it III and on the left of the monastery 15 and under it GR, on the right 86 and under it OS. Under the monastery there is another inscription: ARG.TRIP CIVI.RI : GE
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