Medal: Germany Wilhelm II  1920 to 1940
Medal: Germany Wilhelm II 1920 to 1940

Before ascending to Kaiser, Wilhelm II was King of the German State of Prussia (Preussen). Numerous medals and medallions were fashioned with his image on the front and a wreathed blank space on the back for engraving. The wonderful silver example in our picture with dem besten schutzen (protect the best) comes from Munzenversand Hardelt in Kaiserslautern, Germany. It is in such beautiful condition, it commands a high price: 140 euros, or about $175 US dollars, a fair price for such a nice piece.

Many other designs were made in various metals, including one from New York shown in our secondary picture, which comes from Black Mountain Coins' in North Carolina. Black Mountain's brass piece is not quite as well preserved as Hardelt's silver one, and is priced lower, around $75 US dollars.

There are also similar medallions with Wilhelm II King of the old German State of Wurttemberg, and many other German monarchs.

From the examples above, you get an idea of the prevailing market retail prices for such items. Between $50 and $200 US dollars is a representative range, depending primarily on condition and metal content. If you can find one in gold, the value is much more.

These are retail prices. That is, dealers who buy and sell such material would pay much less if he or she were buying a piece from you. A standard markup is 100 percent, so if your medal might sell for $100 retail, expect an offer near $50 from a dealer. The markup allows the dealer to stay in business.

CoinQuest thanks Hardelt and Black Mountain for use of their images.

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Requester description: A copper coin about the size of english shilling or current 10p. Inscribed Kaiser Wilhelm II and a picture of him. Other side has the wreath of oak leaves the same as on other german coins however nothing is in the centre. No date and no denomination.
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