Medal: Great Britain Coronation of King Edward VIII  1937
Medal: Great Britain Coronation of King Edward VIII 1937

Look at this picture of a cool coronation medal sent to CoinQuest by a lady named Vikki. The portrait of the King and the big lion make a very spiffy medal, indeed. It celebrates the crowning of King Edward VIII at Westminster, anticipated to occur in 1937. The only trouble is that Edward was never crowned king. His love for (gasp!) American socialite Wallis Simpson caused him to abdicate his kingship to younger brother Albert, who chose the regnal name George VI.

Vikki's medal is unusual. The Edward VIII medals you see most are in our secondary pictures, and they sell in the neighborhood of $25 to $50 US dollars. The one with the boat is made of aluminum and costs less. The one with severe gouges on the King's cheek will be worth much less. Vikki's medal may be worth a little more than $25 to $50, although the scratches and gouges always lower its value.

As always, dealers in such material must buy from the general public at levels well below retail. A usual mark-up for medallic art is 100 to 150 percent.

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Requested by: Vikki, Fri, 13-Jul-2012 00:32:13 GMT
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Requester description: 1937 I have attached pictures of a coin I have, I cannot find ANY information on this anywhere and more to the point, the date is a year out!! it is a coronation coin for Edward VIII and yet it has the date 1937. If you could shed any light on this bizarre coin please let me know! Does it have any value? Where is it from? Am I going mad??????
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These coins don't quite match my coin but thanks for trying - Ollie R
There are many varieties. They are all worth about the same. We show the most common. - CoinQuest (Paul)




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