US Racketeer Nickel  1883
US Racketeer Nickel 1883

Well that's cool, Mary. You have what coin collectors call a Racketeer Nickel. Unscrupulous fellows back in 1883 found the newly issued Liberty V nickels in pocket change, gold plated them, and tried to pass them as $5 gold pieces. Not a bad mark-up, I'd say. Of course they were worth only a nickel.

Soon the US government wised up and placed the word CENTS on the coin, a small detail they had overlooked at first.

Anyone can make a racketeer nickel out of an 1883 'no cents' nickel by gold plating it. If you can find one actually from 1883, and can somehow prove it comes from that time, collectors might be willing to pay a large premium. Maybe $50 or so. The tough part is proving that you have a coin from a real racketeer, not a modern wanna-be!

See our page on normal Liberty V nickels at this link.

Coin: 11868 , Genre: United States
Requested by: Mary, Wed, 18-Jul-2012 16:49:49 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Sat, 07-Dec-2013 01:43:52 GMT
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Requester description: 1883 Do you have any information on what appears to be a gold 1883 Liberty Head nickel.The back side does not quite match up with any other image. The main difference being 'e plurabus unum' on the bottom of the wreath, as well as it being what appears to be gold ?
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