Medal: Canada Alberta Wild Rose  1905
Medal: Canada Alberta Wild Rose 1905

Alberta's provincial year is 1905. This is not a coin, i.e., legal tender, but a medal issued by a gasoline company during Canada's 1967 centennial. Such items do not usually carry much collector value. Figure a value around $15 US dollars or less. The wear on your piece works against value. Other provinces also appear on these commemorative medals.

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Requester description: 1905 On one side: There's a picture of the Alberta coat-of-arms. Above and below the coat-of-arms it says 'Alberta'. On the left side of the coat of arms it says '19' and on the right side, it says '05' (1905). On the back (other side): There is a picture of a wild rose. Above the rose it says 'Wild Rose', below the rose, it says 'Rose Aciculaire'.
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