Germany Half Mark  1905 to 1919
Germany Half Mark 1905 to 1919

Look at the coin in the picture, Nancy. It is in beautiful numismatic condition, with little or no wear. If your coin looks like this one, figure a catalog value around $25 US dollars. Coins with wear go down in value quickly ~~ to about $2 or so.

Most of the half marks from the old German Empire are about the same. For common date half marks, the catalogs report the following approximate values:

worn: $2 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $5
well preserved: $25
fully uncirculated: $125

There are some general exceptions:
• Coins dated 1905 and 1906 catalog for under $100 in fully uncirculated, and $5 in well preserved condition.
• Coins dated after 1914 catalog for $30 in fully uncirculated condition, $8 in well preserved.

Then there are some specific exceptions.
The values after the date and mint mark below are for coins in average circulated condition.

1905J: $8 US dollars approximate catalog value for average circulated coins
1906J: $20
1907E: $25
1907F: $13
1908D: $23
1908E: $16
1908G, J: $45
1909E: $15
1909G, J: $20
1911F, G: $15
1911J: $23
1912D, E, F: $18
1912J: $42
1913G, J: $15
1914D: $16
1917F, G, J: $15
1918E, F, G, J: $12
1919D, E, J: $12
1919F: $17

The king of the series is 1908F. Only 1000 of these were made, and they catalog at $5000 in average circulated condition!

Please be sure you understand what 'catalog value' means. See our Terminology page.

CoinQuest thanks eBay seller Victor5 for use of this nice coin photo.

Coin: 1202 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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