Romania 5 lei  1930
Romania 5 lei 1930

King Mihai I ruled Romania from 1927 to 1930 and again from 1940 to 1947. Coins from 1930 carry an image of the young ruler and the 5 lei denomination is made of nickel-brass and has the six stars on the reverse. Most of these coins are well worn or damaged, so finding a nice example pays dividends to coin collectors. Here is what the catalogs say about these coins:

worn: $1 US dollar approximate catalog value
average circulated: $4
well preserved: $20
fully uncirculated: $60

Coins that have a small KN mint mark (use a magnifier) are worth about twice this much in higher grades.

Use our Important Terminology page to convert these values to actual buy and sell values.

Coin: 12028 , Genre: Orthodox and Slavic
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Requester description: 1930 MIHAI I REGELE ROMANIEI also a bust of Mihai the first on the back there is an eagle holdig sword and a staff with six stars around the eagle
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