Netherlands 10 Gulden  1970
Netherlands 10 Gulden 1970

Unlike most modern 'silver' coins, this coin from the Netherlands is made of, er, silver. What a rarity! The coin is not rare, but the fact that is is made of silver is very rare. Just about all countries in the world abandoned real precious metal in their regular circulating coinage during the mid 1960s. But the Netherlands maintained actual precious metal content in some of their regular coins, and this is an example.

This coin with Queen Juliana contains 0.577 troy ounces of silver. At today's silver value, around $28 US dollars per ounce, the value of this coin is 0.577 x 28 = $16 US dollars. Tomorrow the value will be different, because the price of silver changes every day. Look it up on web sites such as

This coin is worth its silver value. If you have a fully uncirculated example, you can add a US dollar or two to the silver value.

Since Wemie's coin is mounted in jewelry, it is not a collectible coin; it is a piece of jewelry. There could be value added by the silver in the jewelry. The place to find out is a jewelry store, where the proprietor can give you an appraisal.

Coin: 12072 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 1970 it has 1945 10g 1970 on one side with nederland herrijst and the queens head on one side.Queen Juliana and her head on the other side. encased in silver and has a loop to hand from a chain.
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I would like to know the value of the coin seeing it is a 'rarity', not because it is silver but because of its rarity please.
The coin itself is not rare (6 million were minted), but the fact that it is made of silver is very rare. The coin is worth its weight in silver. Fully uncirculated coins may carry and additional dollar or two in value. - CoinQuest (Paul)




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