China 100 Yuan (Revolutionary Soldier)  1986
China 100 Yuan (Revolutionary Soldier) 1986

That is revolutionary soldier Liu Bang on horseback on the front, and the national emblem of the People's Republic of China on the back. The coin is made of 0.333 troy ounces of gold, and that is how much it is worth. For a coin in superb shape, you can add value due to collector appeal.

At today's gold price of $1620 US dollars per troy ounce, the 100 yuan coin is worth 0.333 x 1620 = $540. But it won't be worth that tomorrow. The price of gold changes every day. Look it up.

An gorgeous example, like the one in our photograph, may bring $200 more than the basic gold value on the retail market. There were only 7000 made, so the artificial scarcity may drive the price up.

As with all Chinese coins, beware of counterfeits. There is a thriving counterfeit coin industry in China which is flooding the coin market with fakes, some of them very well done. It is a real problem for honest collectors. It will probably take China a while to *grow up* as a nation and put an end to the thievery. The fakes have been on the market for the past decade or two.

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Requester description: 1986 All writing in Asian script (Chinese?) and unreadable by myself. One side has a man on a horse pointing to the left and the other has an encircled building with five stars, four small ones and one larger one above them.
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