Mexico Ocatvo Real (1/8 Real)  1841 to 1861
Mexico Ocatvo Real (1/8 Real) 1841 to 1861

These are tough coins to find. You can find plenty of damaged and worn coins, but finding one in decent shape is a big problem. The coin in our picture is worn and scratched. Usually this would send most coins into the basement value-wise. But this 1/8 real from federal Mexico is different -- it holds its value even in troubled condition.

The catalogs reflect this as follows:

worn: $10
average circulated: $100
well preserved (like our picture): $300


There might be a big temptation to clean one of these coins. Resist that temptation. A little light soap and warm water may take off some surface dirt, and that is ok. But avoid any other type of cleaning. You will ruin the coin.

Coin: 12168 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 1842 Octavo DE Real 1842 on front , on back lettering on the back LIBERTAD
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