Medal: US World's Fair (Washington Inauguration)  1939
Medal: US World's Fair (Washington Inauguration) 1939

These neat medals from the New York World's Fair in 1939 generally sell retail for $5 to $15, depending on condition. The one in our picture is nice, so it would hit the high end of that range.

If you were selling this medal to a dealer at wholesale, instead of to a collector at retail, expect the dealer to pay one half the retail value or less. Dealerships need money to run, and a 100 percent mark-up is typical.

Coin: 12176 , Genre: United States
Requested by: ABA, Thu, 16-Aug-2012 17:47:52 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Fri, 17-Aug-2012 02:47:56 GMT
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Requester description: 1939 IN 1939 New York World's Fair des.pat.107424 EPCD (disc with rays and obelisk) Souvenir of the 150th Anniversary George Washington Inauguration (picture of Washington being sworn in)
Tags: medal us usa world fair washington inauguration medallion medals medalion badge medaille medallions worlds new york des epcd disc rays ray obelisk souvenir th 150 anniversary george sworn beams radiating radiates raduate beam readiate radiate radiant keepsakes souvenirs sovenir sovenirs geroge stgeorge glorgivs georgius georgvs georgeivs georgious geroges georg geogivs georgian geor gearge georgium georger georgia georgvis goerg georgevs georgivs people person peuple peoples peple persons two tower sun sunburst sunshine sunset sunlight


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