Canada 10 Cents  1937 to Date
Canada 10 Cents 1937 to Date

The Bluenose is a sailing ship, and you have what Canadians refer to as a Bluenose Dime. The Bluenose suffered a tragic fate - decommissioned, she was sold as a freighter to the West Indies where she, transporting bananas, ran on a coral reef. No lives were lost, but the ship has been damaged beyond repair, and the crew decided to abandon her on the reef, where she remains today.

These are modern coins worth face value. Earlier dates, like yours, generally command a small value based on collector demand. Coins before 1948 are usually worth $2 to $4 US dollars.

It sounds like your 1947 coin is in Bright Uncirculated condition (the BV on the holder, which should be BU). If this is the case, and the coin is truly uncirculated, figure a value approaching $10 or $20.

The coin in the picture is not BU, but it still has a nice appearance. This is what collectors call eye appeal, and good eye appeal always adds to the value of collectible coins.

Until 1966, these coins were minted in 80% silver. Each coin has 0.06 troy ounces of the precious metal, so with today's silver prices, you are looking at just under $1.50 worth of silver per coin. If you have a few rolls, that quickly adds up!
Check a site like for the current silver value, and multiply it by 0.06 to find the precious metal value of the coin.

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