Ancient Rome Coins with S C Annotation  27BC to 376AD
Ancient Rome Coins with S C Annotation 27BC to 376AD

The inquirer has asked about a bronze coin from ancient Rome. Such requests test our ken here at CoinQuest. There are thousands of patterns and inscriptions that require specialized, trained experts to decipher. You can find such experts at several web sites. Our favorites are:

- ForumAncientCoins
- VCoins

These coins sell at retail from a few US dollars to several hundreds of US dollars. Condition and eye appeal are critical factors in pricing.

One interesting feature you will find on many Roman coins not made of gold or silver is the S C annotation. You can see it in our graphic under the seated figure.

Gold and silver coins generally carried enough precious metal to cover their face value. But bronze coins did not. So some type of guarantee was needed to give bronze coins value in commerce. The value of Roman bronze coins was supported by the decree of the Senate 'Senatus Consulto' or SC. Almost all bronze coins issued before the late third century AD bore the letters SC on the reverse. Other than size and placement of the letters, there was relatively little variation from the norm.

Thanks to Doug Smith for his explanation of the S C annotation.

Coin: 12202 , Genre: Ancient
Requested by: Rome, Sun, 19-Aug-2012 03:05:40 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Mon, 14-Jul-2014 22:02:47 GMT
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Requester description: Front of coin: Inscription is a different language and hard to read, but consists of 13 characters. The Device a female or a feminine male facing to the right. He/she is wearing a Toga and you can see the device from the collar bone up. Hair is combed back and drapes down the ear and curls up at the end. Looks like the person is wearing a slim crown, almost like a princess Tiara. Back of coin: Inscription is another language but looks similar to E O ? C O R O I ?. Device is a female figure sitting and holding a long Fan with her right hand. Left hand is difficult to describe.
Tags: ancient rome romana roman romanorum romen romanorvm roma inscription monogram language consists consist 13 characters character female woman feminine male man toga robe collar bone hair combed comb drapes drapery ear curls squiggle end person people slim crown princess tiara sitting seat fan hand script letter monograms initial scripts initals calligraphy caligraphy letters inscriptions lettering scrip lettered initials logograms logogram femal women lady fem womans females womens ladys ladies mens mans gown cloak robed robes togua bones hairdo hairline curtains drapped drape draped curtain ears squiggles scribbles curl swoosh squiggly squigle swirl bowed twirly scribble curlicues curly curve curved curlycue curvy curving swirls squiggley sqiggles swirly curves ending ends peoples peple persons crowned crowns tiarra crowning tiera stool sit sitted sits seated sc


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