Great Britain Sovereign, 2 Pounds, and 5 Pounds  1817 to 1820
Great Britain Sovereign, 2 Pounds, and 5 Pounds 1817 to 1820

Look at the amazing coin in our picture. This is the kind of coin that gets collector juices flowing in people who are interested in old coins. The strike is sharp, the surfaces are clean as a whistle, and the overall eye appeal is outstanding. No wonder this particular coin sold well over its published catalog value, for catalogs are only guides to value; individual coins stand on their own merits.

This is a gold sovereign of King George III. They were minted from 1817 to 1820. Here is what the catalogs say:

worn: $250 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $350
well preserved: $1200
fully uncirculated: $2600
coins dated 1818 are more rare and are worth twice these values

The coin in the picture sold on eBay for 1690 euros, or about $2200 US dollars. This is well over the catalog price, and the conservative seller, goldguinea, reports that the condition is 'well preserved,' not 'fully uncirculated.' This coin is a testament to the strong sway of eye appeal on coin value. If your coin looks nice, collectors will want to buy it!

BTW, you can see more extra fancy gold coins on goldguinea's web site, found at this link, and CoinQuest thanks them for use of their image.

But we are not done ...

Harry has a coin that is not a gold sovereign. Harry's coin is too big for that. Instead, he has a 5 pound pattern coin, a very valuable piece. Here are some stats:

sovereign: 22 mm diameter, 7.98 grams, 0.236 troy ounces gold
2 pounds: 27 mm diameter, 15.98 grams, 0.471 ounces gold
5 pounds: 38 mm diameter, 39.94 grams, 1.177 ounces gold

The listings above give approximate values for sovereigns. Here is what the catalog says about 2 and 5 pound pattern coins:

2 pounds: $15000 US dollars value
5 pounds with letters on edge: $55000 US dollars value
5 pounds with plain edge: $65000 US dollars value

So this should make Harry happy!

PS: If you would like, Harry, we can put you in touch with a colleague at a large auction house, Stacks Bowers, who will sell your coin for you in an international auction. Let us know via the Contact Us link.

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