Japan 500 Yen  1982 to Date
Japan 500 Yen 1982 to Date

That's a modern 500 yen piece from Japan. It is minted in copper-nickel and is worth face value. A collector will pay a few US dollars over face for a nice looking specimen. Use to find the current exchange rate for yen. At the moment, 500 yen is worth about $6 US dollars. Look it up. Tomorrow it will be different.

Be careful of counterfeits; this coin is widely counterfeited. The catalog says the design is a pawlownia flower.

The coin in our picture is a real dazzler. It is a proof coin that was produced by the mint especially for collectors. Proof coins are not intended for circulation, but for collecting only. They have specially prepared surfaces and are struck in presses with extra attention to detail. Isn't it a beauty?

The coin in our picture comes from respected eBay seller coin5555. This proof sold for about $25 US dollars, a good price for a coin with superb eye appeal.

CoinQuest thanks coin5555 for use of their photo.

Coin: 12471 , Genre: The Sinosphere
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Requester description: Has the numbers 500 on one side and japenese writing on the bottom, other side has 5 letters are symbols around the coin and a picture of something in the middle
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