Belgium 50 Francs (BELGIE)  1987 to 1993
Belgium 50 Francs (BELGIE) 1987 to 1993

This is a modern coin minted in nickel. Catalog values climb as high as $4 US dollars for a fully uncirculated specimen. Worn specimens are worth less than $1. These coins come with two different inscriptions: BELGIE and BELGIQUE.

Most of the time you see these coins they look far worse than our picture. The mint production quality control must have been lacking those years, as the wording BELGIE often looks like BELOIE. Likewise 1987 looks like 1907.

There is no country in the world named BELOIE. In any case, this is a low value coin. It is not made of silver.

Coin: 12645 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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Requester description: 1907 There a picture of a man look as if his face is divined in three parts like a misprint on the back it have 50F/1907 and the word Beloie It look like the new united state Quarter that came out in 1999 but I had this coin since 1988 like it was copy but differnce
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