Mexico 1 Peso  1970 to 1983
Mexico 1 Peso 1970 to 1983

These 1 peso coins are made of copper-nickel, so they are worth very little when in circulated condition, much less than $1 US dollar per coin.

Coins that are in fully, absolutely uncirculated condition are sought by collectors. Some collectors will usually pay a few US dollars for such a specimen.

Now there is also a subtle variation that adds value to this coin. This is the kind of stuff that gets collector juices flowing.

Our secondary image shows the date from a 1978 peso. Do you see how the top of the 8 is open? This is called an 'open 8' variety. Here are catalog values for fully uncirculated examples of open 8 coins:

1978 open 8: $15 catalog value when fully uncirculated
1980 open 8: $10
1981 open 8: $7
1982 open 8: $10

Even with an open 8, average circulated coins are worth only $1 or $2.

Coin: 12712 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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