Ancient Rome Constans Two Victories  337AD to 350AD
Ancient Rome Constans Two Victories 337AD to 350AD

These small AE (base metal) ancient coins generally sell retail between $30 and $80 US dollars. The one in our picture comes from Roma Numismatics Ltd. in London. CoinQuest thanks Roma for their picture of a nice-looking, well-preserved specimen.

If you have a coin for sale to a dealer, expect him or her to pay roughly one-half retail price. The mark-up is required to keep the dealership solvent. Dan's coin is corroded and gouged, so expect a retail price far below the range quoted in the preceding paragraph.

According to Tom Ross at, Constans, the middle child of Constantine's three surviving sons, inherited the domains of Italy and the Roman provinces in Africa after the death of Constantine in 337. No sooner than this happened Constans and first son Constantine II began squabbling over who got what. Constantine II meant to settle the issue with his army. However, luck remained with Constans who easily appropriated all of Constantine II's former territories.

CoinQuest is generally for non-collectors, while requester Dan, who specified all sorts of detailed information about his coin, is clearly an accomplished collector. The emerging area of ancients collecting is truly fascinating, and many of the coins are surprisingly available at reasonable cost. Our two favorite web sites for ancients are:

- ForumAncientCoins
- VCoins.

Coin: 12880 , Genre: Ancient
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Requester description: Constans AE4 CE 337-350 RIC 183 Cohen 179 R: Victoriae DD AVGGQNN In exergue GSIS OB: Contans PF AVG R: two victories standing facing each other
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