Mexico 2 Pesos  1921
Mexico 2 Pesos 1921

This is a gorgeous silver coin celebrating the 100th anniversary of Mexican independence in 1921 (MCMXXI). The scantily-clad figure of Miss Liberty is a popular Mexican design, and it is used on 50 pesos gold coins from 1921 and after, as well as modern silver and gold bullion coins. The eagle and snake is another design found on many Mexican coins.

This coin contains 24 grams (0.772 troy ounces) of pure silver, so it can never be worth less than that, even in completely worn or damaged. At today's silver price of $33 US dollars per troy ounce (look it up, it changes every day), the minimum value of this coin is 0.772 x 33 = $25.

In addition to silver value, collectors seek to add nice-looking specimens to their collections. This drives the price up. Here are some typical additions to value over and above the silver value.

worn: add $0 US dollars to the base silver value
average circulated: add $20
well preserved: add $50
fully uncirculated: add $350

Coin: 12881 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: Large silver Mexican DOS PESOS coin: Side 1: Center of coin= a topless lady with outstreatched wings, lady is clutching a wreath in her right uplifted hand and a small horse in her lowered left hand, lettering on left of lady= DOS PESOS , on right side of lady 24Gr. PLATA PURA Side 2: Center of coin= a left side view of an eagle with a snake in its beak, purched on a bed of cactus, a string of vined leaves completly circle the eagle, just to the left of the eagles head is a small o over a capital M, lettering around bottom of coin reading counter clockwise= MDCCCXXI (followed by an interlocking design)then MCMXXI, lettering around top half of coin reading clockwise= ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS
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