Austria Burgau Thaler  1764 to 1780
Austria Burgau Thaler 1764 to 1780

I think I understand your request correctly, Mark, but maybe not. It sounds like you have a bracelet with 6 Maria Theresa thalers. You further emphasize that no solder has touched the coins in the jewelry making process.

Assuming I am correct, we can use the coin in the picture to give you an idea of the value of your coin. CoinQuest thanks SESAM Basel for use of their coin photo. SESAM has this coin on sale for about $200 US dollars. The coin is in wonderful numismatic condition and is easily worth that amount.

Typical catalog values for all dates of Burgau thalers run like this:

worn: $65
average circulated: $125
well preserved: $185
fully uncirculated: $350

These are catalog values. Actual values will be less.

The earliest date in the series, 1764, is slightly scarce in higher grades; it has a collector premium of $65 in well preserved and $150 in fully uncirculated condition on top of the prices listed above.

The 1765 date has a collector premium of $50 in fully uncirculated condition on top of the above prices.

The 1766 and 1767 dates with a dot before the SC mint mark are common in lower grades; they catalog for $75 average circulated, $125 well preserved. However, they are scarce in high grades; they catalog for $500 in fully uncirculated.

The 1780 SF date and mint mark is more common and worth about half of the common date values.

Two items will lower the value of Marks coins: (1) damage, if any, from the jewelry, and (2) extra wear or damage over the coin in the picture. If, for instance, the bezels holding the coins have scored their edges, that is considered damage by coin collectors and will lower value substantailly, usually by a factor of 50 percent. You mention that some of your coins are bent. This will lower value drastically, probably down to the $25 to $50 range for these coins.

The SESAM Basel price is a retail price for a coin completely without damage. That is how much collectors may be willing to pay to add this nice coin to their collections. A dealer who buys your coin will necessarily buy it for less so he or she can make a profit. Figure 50% to 100% mark up for a coin like this, so wholesale value on a $300 retail coin would be between $150 and $200.

Coin: 1293 , Genre: Central Europe North South
Requested by: mark, Sun, 13-Sep-2009 17:15:20 GMT
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Requester description: 1769 RIMP.HU.BO.REG.M.THERESIA.D.G. Face BURG.CO.TYIR.1769x ARCHID.AUST.DUX Obverse there are 6 in bracelet form looks to me like the coins were not soldered on. the coin holders were set against the coins.but the coins are slightly bent which puzzles me.we aquired this piece from my wifes mother who was born in Austria in assuming her father gave it to her.unfortunately i can not ask her any further details.
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