Mexico Guerrero Peso (Toned)  1914 and 1915
Mexico Guerrero Peso (Toned) 1914 and 1915

The Mexican War of Independence (from Spain) broke out in 1810. One hundred years later, the Mexican Revolution (against autocratic rule) broke out in 1910. Both of these wars are important to coin collecting because local mints started producing coins during wartime. It would be quite a numismatic (coin collecting) project to assemble a collection of wartime Mexican coins.

BC's coin is a one peso from the state of Guerrero in southwest Mexico. A two pesos coin has the same inscriptions and a similar pattern, but this page applies only to the one peso coins. Likewise, a one peso was minted in copper, but this page applies only to silver coins like the one shown here.

I would love to add the coin in our picture to my collection. It is a toned example of the Guerrero peso, and I am a sucker for toned coins. To do so would cost me about $322, the sale price of this coin in an auction from Goldberg's Coins and Collectibles. An nice-looking untoned example would probably sell for slightly more, as most collectors do not share my enjoyment of toned coins.

By the way, if you want to preserve the surfaces of coins in your collection, a good way to do it is to place them in special holders manufactured for this purpose. Kointains (pictured) and Air-Tite Holders are two popular products that keep impurities in the atmosphere away from your coins.

The catalogs quote these values for the Guerror peso:

worn: $20
average circulated: $50
well preserved: $120

worn: $50
average circulated: $120
well preserved: $250

worn: $500
average circulated: $1500
well preserved: $2000

Use the concepts on our Important Terminology page to convert these catalog values to actual buy and sell values.

There is a version of the Guerrero peso dated 1915 which bears the inscription TAXCO on the cap-and-rays side. These coins are roughly equivalent in value to the 1914 peso without the 'ORO 0.300' inscription. If you have a nice-looking example of any one of these coins, it is best to take it to a knowledgeable collector or coin dealer for an in-person appraisal.

CoinQuest thanks Goldberg's for use of their coin photo, and for use of their Kointains picture.

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Requester description: 1914 Medium size silver Mexican coin--Side 1: Eagle with outstretched wings, purched on a bed of cactus, eagle is clutching a snake in its beak; lettering around bottom of coin= UN PESO CAMPO Mo; lettering around top of coin= REPUBLICA MEXICANA Side 2: Center of coin= small liberity cap with star burst pattern behind it; a string of vined leaves around bottom of cap; directly above cap the words= Gro. OR0.0,300 ;at bottom of coin the date=1914; lettering starting just to left of date reading clockwise around outteredge of coin= 'REFORMA,LIBERTAD,JUSTICIA Y LEY'
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