US Seated Liberty Dollar (Counterfeit)  1877
US Seated Liberty Dollar (Counterfeit) 1877

Chloe accurately describes a Seated Liberty silver dollar, but they did not make Seated Liberty silver dollars in 1877. After an e-mail exchange, Chloe sent us a picture of her mystery dollar. Something, isn't it?

The only SL dollars with an O mint mark were struck in 1850, 1859, and 1860. Since the O mint mark plainly shows under the eagle, it seems like the date 1850, 1859, or 1860 was changed to 1877. Look at the date closely. You can readily see the alteration.

We contacted Alan Herbert, repsected author of Coin Collecting 101, as well as Dan Moore of Working Man's Coins. Both of these experts say the same thing. Chloe has a modern Chinese couterfiet of a non-existant US coin. You can see Dan's full answer at

In summary, the value of a modern Chinese counterfeit is essentially zero. In America, it is illegal to own counterfeit coins unless they are properly annotated with the word COPY stamped into the design.

Coin: 1298 , Genre: United States
Requested by: chloe, Sun, 13-Sep-2009 22:32:19 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Mon, 29-Apr-2013 16:24:49 GMT
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Requester description: 1877 United States of America, eagle with 'sandwich board' shield, 'o' mint mark, 'one dol.' other side: seated liberty with shield, year 1877.
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