Australia 50 Cents  1966 to Date
Australia 50 Cents 1966 to Date

50 cent pieces from Australia are large, attractive coins, and some of them are made of silver. As such, they have a collector following and can be valuable, especially when in fully uncirculated condition, like the coin in our picture.

After 1966 the coins went from perfectly round to almost-round 12 sided duodecagons (see secondary picture), and many of the post-1966 coins carry spiffy designs on the reverse instead of the standard kangaroo-shield-emu pattern. These variation makes them attractive to collectors.

Here are the dates for silver coins. All others are made of copper-nickel. Once you determine if your coin is silver or copper-nickel, see the discussion below for values.

1966: 0.341 troy ounces silver
1988: some coins (proofs) are silver, 0.535 ounces
1989: some coins (proofs) are silver, 0.535 ounces
1991: some coins (proofs) are silver, 0.535 ounces
1998: some coins (crown design on reverse) 1.166 ounces
1999: some coins (reeded edge) 0.104 ounces
2000: some coins (Parliament house) 0.586 ounces

For copper-nickel coins after 1974, all are worth face value unless they are in fully uncirculated condition, in which case they might bring $2 to $5 US dollars when a collector wants to add a dazzling specimen to his or her collection. Copper nickel coins between 1969 and 1973 are somewhat more rare, fetching $10 to $20 when fully uncirculated. In average circulated condition, the copper-nickel coins are worth face value: 50 cents in Australia.

The silver coins are worth at least their weight in silver. For instance, if you have a 1988 proof 50 cents with 0.535 troy ounces of silver and if silver is trading at $30 per ounce (look it up on web sites such as, then the base value of the coin is 0.535 x 30 = $16. Not too shabby!

A nice-looking example of a silver coin may sell for a few dollars more than the silver value.

Coin: 13000 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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