Token: US Ingle (Ingle System Script)  1909 to 1924
Token: US Ingle (Ingle System Script) 1909 to 1924

Hello Timothy -- You have a token from the Ingle script system. Script is a term for any substitute for currency which is not legal tender. Scripts were often created as company payment of employees and also as a means of payment for company merchants. These systems were often abused, and lyrics such as 'I owe my soul to the company store' revealed their true character. Script systems were especially popular in places where regular money was in short supply, such as remote coal towns, military bases, ships on long voyages, or occupied countries in war time.

We have script today. Forms of scrip include subway tokens, IOUs, arcade tokens and tickets, and 'points' on some websites. Gift certificates are a form of script.

The Ingle System started in 1909 and issued script for general use by merchants. Long gone, remnants of the system are tokens of all types with the words 'Ingle System' inscribed. If you go on eBay and do a search on 'Ingle Token' you will see a wide array of designs. The sell roughly like this:

worn: $2 US dollars
average circulated: $5
well preserved: $15

If you go to and search on Joe Davis, you will see a picture of your specific token.

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