US Sacagawea Dollar  2000 to 2008
US Sacagawea Dollar 2000 to 2008

Sacagawea dollars are made of pure copper with an outer coating of manganese-brass. They are not gold (too bad!). They are worth one dollar in the United States. If you can find a coin in perfect, fully uncirculated condition, a collector might pay a few US dollars to add it to his or her collection.

Coin: 13158 , Genre: United States
Requested by: Jimmy Cherewan, Sat, 01-Dec-2012 19:31:10 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Fri, 15-Feb-2013 03:51:02 GMT
Reviewed by CoinQuest. Appraisal ok., Mon, 17-Nov-2014 19:35:06 GMT
Requester description: 2000 Liberty, In God We Trust, United States of America, one side has Sacagawea, and the other side as an eagle
Tags: us usa sacagawea dollar 2000 dollare doller dol dollars liberty god we trust united states state america one an eagle gods goddess deity godess trvst stated stets stato stado staate statehood tates amero americas american ameria ameri amirica oamerica amerique americana amer americans ones eaglets egals eable egal eagles eag ealge eagel indian baby kid child hawk falcon childs children


Coin has letter A above the date and letter P below it - India@TheShore
India@TheShore you have 1 Dollar 2009 US, reverse by Norman E. Nemeth - CoinQuest (Andrei)

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