Germany Kriegsgeld (Coblenz)  1918
Germany Kriegsgeld (Coblenz) 1918

Kriegs is war in German, and geld is money. This is war money from the German city of Coblenz. Kriegsgeld falls under the larger heading of notgeld, or emergency money, minted in times of national stress when the government could not meet the demand for coinage to support commerce.

Hundreds of different types of notgeld were produced in Germany during the first and second World Wars. Our general page on notgeld is found at this CoinQuest link.

Notgeld is plentiful and collector demand is low. The price per piece, therefore, is low. The well preserved example in our picture comes from U. Helmig in Osnabrück, Germany, where it is on sale for 3 euros, a few US dollars. Most pieces you see are not in good shape like Helmig's, so the price is lower.

There is a nice collection of kriegsgeld photos on this CoinTalk thread.

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