Belgium 25 Centimes  1964 to 1975
Belgium 25 Centimes 1964 to 1975

Only if you have a souped-up coin like the one in our picture is it worth anything significant. These 25 centimes coins from Belgium (Belgie or Belgique) are made of copper nickel and are worth face value, much less than $1 US dollar. A dazzling uncirculated coin like the on in our picture might sell for $5 US dollars.

But, there's a trick and a mystery with these coins.

Sometimes coins are struck in machines that have been set up improperly. These are 'error coins' and can be worth money if you can find a collector who enjoys collecting them. The coin catalogs list this Belgian coin with two varieties: one with 'coin alignment' and one with 'medal alignment.' Medal alignment is the error.

To determine if your coin has medal alignment or not, hold it between your thumb and index finger showing the Belgique-Belgie and the 25 upright. Your index finger must be at the top of the coin, and your thumb at the bottom. Now flip the coin from left to right, like turning a page in a book. If you see B side upright, with the crown at the top and the date at the bottom, you have a coin with medal alignment. Most coins (the common, low-value ones) will have the B upside down. This is called 'coin alignment.'

The mystery is that I have never seen one with medal alignment, nor can I find one on the Internet. The catalogs list them as follows:

worn: $1
average circulated: $3
well preserved: $5
fully uncirculated: $15

If you find a Beligian 25 centimes with medal alignment, please let us know. It might be worth more than the catalogs indicate.

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Requester description: 1964 Large B with 19 on side of the B and 64 on the other with a crown on top of the B. 25 on the other side with large print of BELGIQUE above the 25. C on the bottom of the 25
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