Italy Florence Florin d'Or John the Baptist (Fakes are possible)  1500
Italy Florence Florin d'Or John the Baptist (Fakes are possible) 1500

This undated coin, circa early 1500s, has the fleur-de-lis of Florence, Italy on one side and John the Baptist on the other. The inscriptions are difficult to read, but a little squinting and creative interpretation reveals

FLORENTIA (Florence)
S (Saint)
B (Baptist)

The coin in our picture is from a recent auction by Stack's Bowers, a major international auction house. The Stack's auction for this coin closed at $1438 US dollars, which includes various fees. Checking around on various numismatic (coin collecting) sites, our assessment of catalog value for these gorgeous collectibles is:

worn: $800 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $1000
well preserved: $1500

The concepts presented on our Terminology page apply. Of course the coin must be genuine to be valuable. Counterfeits abound.

CoinQuest thanks Stack's Bowers for use of their coin photo.

There is a silver version of this coin at this link (click here).

Coin: 13206 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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Requester description: Flor.entia on one side with a 3 sided floral type picture. Other side has a picture of perhaps John the Baptist holding a crucafix on a pole and something in a net - maybe a scorpion? and he has a halo. The characters are: S.10HA NNES.E
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