Token ~ Jeton: US North West Company  1820
Token ~ Jeton: US North West Company 1820

All but two of known genuine specimens have holes. This is a very rare token manufactured by John Walker and Company in the Pacific Northwest United States and adjacent regions of Canada. Most have been found in the Columbia and Umpqua River valleys.

The genuine piece in our photograph comes from Stack's Bowers where it realized over $10000 US dollars at auction.

The Red Book, the definitive guidebook of United States coins (by R. S. Yeoman), quotes these values:

worn: $300
average circulated: $8500

There are several modern reproductions of this rare token (see the secondary pictures) that have no holes and are worth a few dollars as a novelty.

Coin: 13212 , Genre: Tokens
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Requester description: 1820 North West Company on one side with beaver in the middle, with visable ears and the other side reads token on top with 1820 on bottom and in the middle is a male that one can tell he be aboriginal but he wears what looks on his head a roman type leaf but could also be feathers; probably feathers.
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