US VDB Lincoln Cent (Fakes are possible)  1909
US VDB Lincoln Cent (Fakes are possible) 1909

Roger -- We have a page that covers all dates of Lincoln wheat-backed cents, it appears at this link [Press Here].

This page is dedicated to Lincoln cents dated 1909. First we list the typical catalog values of the possible variations of a 1909 Lincoln in average circulated condition.

1909 $4 US dollars
1909 VDB $12
1909S $140
1909S VDB $950

These values correspond to numismatic grade Very Fine, which is roughly like our picture. To qualify for these values, the coin must be free of all problems, like scratches, stains, scuffs, nicks, gouges, and cleanings.

There is quite a range with specific S and VDB markings. Use the picture to look closely to determine which coin you have. You might need a magnifier.


Value, of course, changes with condition. A 1909 in worn condition catalogs for $3 and a 1909S VDB in fully uncirculated catalogs well above $3000. Be sure you understand what 'catalog' means by using the Terminology page.

THIS IS IMPORTANT -- The 1909S VDB Lincoln cent is probably the most famous valuable coin in the States. For that reason, it is the most counterfeited coin in the States. NEVER buy a 1909S VDB cent unless you are 100% sure it is a genuine coin. Skilled numismatists can use a microscope to read small indicators on genuine coins that separate them from fake coins. Unless you are a skilled numismatist, buy rare and valuable coins only in numismatic holders from PCGS, NGC, ICG, or ANACS, and only from a dealer you trust. Sad to say, just like there are counterfeit coins, there are counterfeit numismatic slabs, also.

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