Spain 100 Pesetas Restrike  1897 to 1962
Spain 100 Pesetas Restrike 1897 to 1962

A beautiful coin, Puchy.

These catalog well over $1000 US dollars and at today's gold prices are probably worth more than that. There are several twists with this coin, especially in determining the date. Please read carefully below.

First, there is the gold content. The 100 pesetas pieces contain 0.933 troy ounces of gold, alloyed to a pleasing 'red' color. The alloy does not affect the gold content or the price, but it makes a nice appearance. To find the value of gold in the coin, multiply the current spot price (available at by 0.933.

At the time of this writing, the kitco value of gold is $1450 US dollars per troy ounce, so the basic gold value (BV) of a 100 pesetas was 0.933 x $1450 = $1350. Check the price of gold today. It will be different.

The original 1897 coins are very valuable, with catalog values along these lines:

worn: BV
average circulated: BV + $300 US dollars
well preserved: BV + $500
fully uncirculated: BV + $1700

Spain re-issued these coins in gold during 1961 and 1962 and dated them 1897. The specific date of issue, 1961 or 1962, appears in the tiny stars at either side of the 1897 data. Get out your magnifier! Here is what the original 1897 looks like. Modern 1961 and 1962 restrike coins have their dates in the tiny stars.

The modern restrikes are worth their gold value, as computed above, plus premiums for good condition:

worn: BV
average circulated: BV + $50 US dollars
well preserved: BV + $200
fully uncirculated: BV + $500

worn: BV
average circulated: BV + $30 US dollars
well preserved: BV + $100
fully uncirculated: BV + $300

As with all valuable coins, you must beware of counterfeits. If you find one of these on eBay for sale at $10, it's a fake. Sad to say, you can find them for sale at $1000 and they are still fakes. Buyer beware!

There are also several gold plated variations (as best as I can tell) including proof-like coins with mirrored surfaces. Puchy might have one of these, especially since it is mounted in jewelry. The gold plated versions are worth essentially zero. Take your coin to a jeweler to be sure of gold content.

Even if you have a genuine piece, mounting it in jewelry invariably causes damage which lowers the value to coin collectors dramatically. A genuine coin damage by jewelry mounting is only worth the value of the gold it contains.

The values on this page are catalog values. Be sure you understand what 'catalog' means. See our Important Terminology link.

Coin: 1339 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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