Canada 25 Cents  1967
Canada 25 Cents 1967

That's a lynx on the reverse side of this silver coin. Neat.

Canada issued these commemorative quarter dollars in 1967, one hundred years after the Canadian Confederation in 1867. They are silver coins and carry value equal to the amount of silver they contain.

Some coins are 80 percent silver, and some are 50 percent silver. The patterns and weights are the same, only the alloy is different, so there is no sure-fire method to tell the difference between the two.

Sometimes we use a 'ring test' to check coin composition. In the US, pre-1982 cents were made of copper and post-1982 cents are made of zinc. When you drop a copper coin on a hard surface, you get a pleasant 'ring' sound. When you drop a zinc coin on the same surface, you get a dull 'thud.'

Here's a game you can play. Get a 1966 and a 1968 Canadian quarter. The 1966 is made of 80 percent silver, and the 1968 is made of 50 percent silver. Perform the 'ring test' and calibrate your eardrum to 50% or 80%. Now test your 1967 quarter against your precision eardrum.

To find the value, multiply the silver content (below) by the current price of silver (from That will be the value of your Canadian quarter.

50% SILVER QUARTER: 0.094 troy ounces silver
80% SILVER QUARTER: 0.150 troy ounces silver

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